Dark Tunes from Czech and Slovak Caves

I would liked to have more old school goth, but when it comes to darkness this compilation from Sanctuary.cz delivers.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Aggressive Attack - Full Frontal Assault

It's a bit hard to pidgeonhole this release. Some tracks are very mellow and clean, other are heavy, dirty industrial and other are easily identifiable as EBM. Try it out and see what you think.

It's a free download from Bandcamp.

We Love Industrial

There is something in the air. It is some kind of toxic fumes? Is it diesel exhaust? No, it's love that is in the air. To celebrate Valentine's Day there is a new compilation out from Brutal Resonance. You get 22 tracks of industrial and related genres.

Available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Exferno - Decontaminated

This EP is said to be a compilation and  you can almost tell because the styles are all over the place. The base is some kind of industrial, with Alt-Facts being more of old school EBM.

Free download from Internet Archive.

Flash Beach - Future Memory

Here is something interesting. Flash Beach is a band from Germany making what I would describe as a form of digital hardcore, but not as hysterical as Atari Teenage Riot. Some tracks are even on the mellow side.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Industrial Stomp-Out

This compilation came out back in August 2017, but I haven't gotten around to write about it until now. As the name hints it's focused on industrial music, but it also touches on various related genres.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Balkan Under the Radar Vol.4: Antisocial Network

Another compilation of music from Balkan from Black Planet Records hits the net. Not much balkan beats here, but you get a compilation of very different tracks.The problem with the spread is that it's almost binary. About half of the tracks is mainstream pop, trance, hip-hop et.c. Not very underground there. The other half is noise, strange ambient and generally far out in artsy avant-garde music. But there are also a few tracks that may make it worth a download.

Free download from Bandcamp.