Mainly synth pop and related on this compilation. Some known bands, some not.

Free download from Bandcamp.

A free download of Italian bands available at Bandcamp.

33 Goth Bands You Should Know V

Oskar Terramortis have published yet another compilation of goth bands.

Available as a free download from Bandcamp

Matrix Downloaded 006

A new collection from Alfa Matrix. Quite impressive and available as a free download from Bandcamp

Oldschool union - Vanha koulu

Hands up if you have listen to Finnish EBM! Ok, no problem because here is a full length album with old school EBM in Finnish.

Free download from Bandcamp

Face the Beat: Session 4

The latest release in Side-Line's row of compilations gives you a massive 90 tracks in various styles so there should be something for everyone.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Also check out Face the Beat: Session 3

This is Gothic Rock Vol. I - II

This is not just one compilation, but two full length compilations of gothic rock compiled by Oskar Terramortis. The compilation covers 34 tracks of gothic bands I mosly haven't heard before.

Free download from Bandcamp.