Music for the Murdered

Brutal Resonance keeps coming with compilations. This one is for Halloween so it contains (a bit) spookier tracks. There is a wider variety of styles so it's hard to pinpoint it, but you could give it a try yourself and see what you think.

Free download from Bandcamp.

CIA Volume 6

In this case CIA stands for Creative & Individual Arts and the tagline is "Warning: This is art - Not mainstream" and that gives an indication of what this is.
You get a compilation of various acts that certainly aren't mainstream. You get noise, post-punk, industrial, synthpop and other types of (mainly) electronic music.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Electronic Body Matrix 2 - the Bonus Tracks

Electronic Body Matrix 2 is a massive 4 CD box with EBM and related music. It also includes 40 bonus tracks available as a free download from Bandcamp.

Psycho Circus- Dunkle Gezeiten

While the album cover and the name may make you think Psycho Circus is some kind of metal band they are actually more of aggrotech with the distorted vocals. Some tracks are a bit too much mainstream pop for my taste and they almost approach some dancy trance pop, but hey, it's free!

Free download from Bandcamp.

Zynik 14 - Gottkomplex

Here is a full-length album from Zynik 14. They say they are an EBM band, but they are not exactly old school so it may be a bit hard to hear. All the basic elements of the beat, the bass and the barking singing are there, but also a lot of other things so even if you don't like strict EBM it may be worth a listen.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Schwarzwald - Smell of Pain

In this single Schwarzwald give you some dirty, industrial influenced EBM as well as some more club oriented remixes of the title track.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Resist Concept - Defect

The album cover may look like a high-school metal band, but the music is actually aggrotech/industrial.

Free download from Bandcamp.