Scream Machine - The Evolution of Revolution

This is a compilation of tracks by Scream Machine and it covers tracks from 2008 to 2016 so there is a variation of styles represented, but it is various types of industrial I would say.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Industrialisation Vol. I

 Like the title of this compilation hints it rotates around industrial music, but also includes aggrotech, ebm et.c.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Halotan Records Sampler 10

Another compilation from Halotan Records. If you have heard the previous ones you know what to expect. It's mainly club and dance oriented electro of the harsh and heavier kind.

Free download from Halotan.

Swedish Electro, Volume 4 : The Unsigned

Volume 4 in the Swedish Electro series of compilations is here. Most of the tracks are various variations of synthpop, but there are also some EBM and harder electronic music.

Free download from Bandcamp.

Purple Fog Side - Project:Rentgen

Another release from Purple Fox Side. As usual it's synth based gothic music. A bit darkwave, a bit synthpop.

Free download from Internet Archive.

Ultra Dark Radio - Compilation III. 'Mensch und Maschine'

A rather nice compilation and my favourite in the series. A bit more attitude than the previous two and it is more EBM, industrial and such compared to the more darkwave oriented previous two.

Free download from Internet Archive.

Peibol - Viajes al fin de la noche

Free download EP with some darkwave from Peibol.

Free download from Zorch Factory